Artificial Intelligence – 8 new tools from Google Cloud

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of the technologies that allow companies to solve their biggest challenges and at the same time opens a new world of possibilities in areas such as customer experience, attracting and retaining new users, as well as access to content.

Google presented new tools based on AI. Either to develop virtual assistants that can engage in complex conversations with humans and help them resolve issues or doubts, or industry-specific tools that allow, for example, to evaluate the documents of people seeking credit to speed up loan applications in financial institutions.

Below are the new features that are integrated into the AI Platform catalog:

Enhanced Machine Learning Operations Experience (MLOps)

These are a number of new features that are part of the AI Platform: Prediction backend GA, Managed Pipelines, Metadata, Experiments, and Model Evaluation. These provide automation and monitoring at all steps of building automated learning (AL) systems so that data scientists can take their projects from the idea generation phase to production and implementation quickly and cost-effectively.

Dialogflow CX

Dialogflow CX is the latest version of Dialogflow, a suite of tools used by more than one million developers to create natural and rich conversational experiences in apps and on the web for customer care. It is designed to support complex (multi-shift or layered) conversations and is truly omnidirectional: it is created once and implemented everywhere, both in your contact center and in digital channels.

Lending Document AI

This tool powered by Document AI, the platform that delivers document statistics through machine learning, enables the mortgage and loan industry to process borrowers’ income and asset documents to speed up loan applications, a notoriously slow and complex process. This solution automates many of the routine document reviews so that organizations can focus on the most important decisions.

Procure-to-Pay Document AI

Now in its beta phase, this solution helps companies automate one of their largest and most valuable business processes: the acquisition cycle. This tool provides a set of analyzers based on artificial intelligence, starting with invoices and receipts, which take documents in a variety of formats and return cleanly structured data.

Agent Assist for Chat

This is a new module for Agent Assist that provides agents with continuous support via chat, identifying the intention of both the customer and the executive and providing step-by-step assistance in real-time. The assistant is able to make recommendations, provide relevant and updated information, transcribe calls instantly and automate tasks.

Custom Voice

This is a new AI Contact Center capability and our Text-to-Speech API that allows you to create a unique voice identity to represent an organization at all of its customer touchpoints. Custom Voice, now available in beta, allows you to define the voice profile that best suits each company and ensure that no other company has the same identity.

Speech-to-Text On-Prem

Speech-to-Text On-Prem is the first of our hybrid AI offerings and is now generally available. It enables easy integration of Google speech recognition technologies into an organization’s data center. At the same time, it provides full control over the infrastructure and protected voice data, making it easier to comply with regulations and residency.

Cloud AI Building Blocks

Cloud AI Building Blocks offer access to commonly used models, such as vision, translation, and natural language, among others, through APIs. Thus, it is easy to add these types of artificial intelligence skills to an organization’s applications to create customized solutions that fit their needs.

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